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Hello, My name is Ty Moncrief (or Moncrief for short.) I am a practicing Visual Artist, as well as an award winning music video director/composer, creative director, stylist, blogger and now, a newly aspiring commercial print model. I am a self taught one man visual army, so everything that you see here has been crafted by myself

The majority of my work is centered around cinematography and graphic design. Recently I have been honing my skills in favor of head shot portraiture.

So, stay a while, take a look around, watch some videos, enjoy yourself and welcome to my world.

“Smile Laugh And Dress Well”


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Like Water

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Come Home

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Bad Girls Club

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Dreams Come True

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Quite Frankly

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Everyday Life

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Video Projects

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The Reason Why I Do This

Ever since this happened to me, it has changed my entire life. F. Gary Gray is the reason why I stuck with my heart and my talents. He tweeted me one piece of inspiration that I was NOT expecting a reply to, and then 6 weeks later, I won my first ever award in LIFE for filming a music video. Which is where he did a lot of work in. How ironic that my favorite film is one he directed (Law Abiding Citizen), and my favorite music video by my favorite artist is one he directed as well(Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got)

I owe everything to him. This moment, and the belief that if I work hard enough, I can reach my goals. That push and inspiration is what I needed to create everything that I've done to date. Even though every single project that I've done was completed without assistance or help. Even though I lack the tools needed to make better projects. Even though I've only been compensated one time, and I used my own hard earn money to fund every single project here (plus many that didnt make it to this website). Even though all of that happened, I STILL took what I had, I took his words, and I made my dream come true.

Thank You F Gary Gray. You've done the most for my life. I appreciate it 100 fold. I hope to make it to your status one of these days